Systems of Change

There is an intangible concept that is among us but is rarely seen or heard. It has so much value but will not stand next to gold, silver or any strong currency in the world that exists today. Important men stood on this because there was intrinsic value which propelled them to move people, challenge oppression, free slaves or inspire communities to achieve greatness. The words coupled with this notion are heroic, repeated many times in text and by mouth.

Recently, I discovered I too had this and how obtainable it was. Its something so easy to acknowledge but its full potential and application in the current social climate is difficult to express. From an early age, we are condition by various influences from which good and evil are derived from. This conditioning leads us to the present, and you to this blog.

As you will read in the future, I will attempt to narrate, through the complex social web of deception, ideas and ways to successfully navigate your life experience with little pain and suffering. Because at the end of the day, it’s all in your mind.